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To Blog or Not To Blog

I've always written for myself. Starting in my teens, I documented my thoughts. At times it became a compulsion. Diaries, schedules, practice logs, study guides, journals. The impulse has always been to pin things down, to keep track of the onslaught of information and experience that was coming at me. This blog is an extension of that.

I'm going to write about things that interest me. Maybe it will interest you, too. Some of it will inevitably be about music--conducting, playing, listening, studying, analyzing. Some of it may be about travel--I am lucky to have seen some amazing parts of the world. Some of it may be personal--like everyone, stuff happens to me and it helps to talk about it.

None of it will be political--there's plenty of places to go for that. I need an oasis from the bickering and divisions. Maybe you do, too.

I love reading other people's impressions of music, books, films and television, so I'll indulge myself and share some of mine. That's where we'll start in the next few weeks, and I'll see how it branches out from there. I'm also open to suggestion, so feel free to leave ideas and observations. Thanks for taking a look, read on for more!

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